Badges And Points collection

We currently have over 40+ badges and we keep adding newer badges as we improve our tool and add newer features.
Each of the badges will give the user at least 1000 pts.

Badges easily won using our awesome features

  • Writing more and more, adding multiple novels, chapters, and characters.
  • Invite Friends & Family to Join NOVELORBOOK using the Invite Button.
  • Completing author profile, Using the printing feature, Co-authoring a book with another author
  • Following NOVELORBOOK on social media platforms, Advertizing your novel on NOVELORBOOK,etc..

Some of the most rewarding badges such as:

Inviting at least 10 different people using the invite feature3000
Inviting at least 20 different people using the invite feature6000
Inviting at least 30 different people using the invite feature10000
Writing 14 characters3000
Starting 2 books3000
Writing 30 chapters5000
Logged in 30 straight day5000
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